Hello!  Welcome to our blog.  I am Natalie, and this is my husband Dan (He says “Hello there!”).  We have two incredible kids- Aubrey & Thatcher.  And we also have one on the way… from Haiti.  We live in North Central Florida with our dog Tug, and we love the sunshine.  We have an amazing community of family and friends near and far (That’s you!  We love you!).  And we put all our eggs in one basket—Jesus.  By no means are we getting it all right, but our hope is that every day we grow in love for God and our neighbor.

I daydream about being at the beach.   I love to read.  I’m a homebody.  My favorite dessert is a cookie; in fact, I’m eating one right now.  I enjoy arts and crafts (I am especially fond of painting).  My dream job is being a Mom.  My dream seems to grow and materialize in ways beyond what I ever hoped or expected, and I am so grateful.

We started this blog to document and share our special memories and family stories.  If you’d like to get in touch, you can simply fill out a contact form below.  If you’re curious about the name of our blog “bright at last” you can read about the story behind it here.  Thanks for stopping by!

Love, Natalie


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