September 2014: For the Record

These were posts that I shared through my facebook page, and wanted to keep them here for sentimentality, as part of our adoption journey.  We were so, so encouraged by the prayers and kind words of support that were poured over us throughout the month.  Thank you!

September 1:

Today is a big day. For many months, there have been no new matches between orphaned children and waiting families in Haiti. Today, IBESR (the Haitian authority that oversees adoptions) is closing its doors to new applications for the month of September to catch up with the dossiers they already have. We are one of the dossiers they already have. We are thankful to be part of a wonderful group of families who are in the process of adopting from Haiti (or have already brought their child home from Haiti). Each family is taking one day in the month of September to pray and fast for IBESR to make progress, for God to whisper the names of our children into the precious ears of the people who hold our dossiers, for God to set the orphans into families and bring those children home! Today is our family’s day to pray and fast, and we are asking our friends and family to join us. Will you please pray with us today?

There are many families who have been waiting longer than we have, and we are not expecting to be matched this month. However, it would be such a joy to see any movement in Haitian adoptions, to see any children find families! We are putting our hopes and trust in God, knowing that He is working all this to good, whether we can see and understand it or not.

“A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling. God sets the lonely in families…” Psalm 68:5-6

September 9:

Please continue praying for adoptions in Haiti! We are hearing good news from several families who have already been matched for a while that they are finally seeing progress and are close to bringing their little ones home! This is great news. We have not heard of any new referrals (matches) yet. Above all we want Gods perfect timing and will to be done for these waiting kids & families. Please pray for peace for us. I have to admit that I am a bit anxious to hear news of matches being made . Thank you all so much for joining us in this month of prayer over Haiti & their adoptions!

September 10 (the very next day):

REFERRALS ARE HAPPENING!!!!! Praise God! Thank you for your prayers! Some families in our adoption group are seeing photos of their kids & babies for the very first time!!! Hearing their names!!! I am in tears! Thank you thank you, Lord!

September 30:

Thanks so much to everyone who has joined us in this month of praying and fasting for progress in Haitian adoptions! Your encouragement and prayers have meant so much to us, and have really given me strength. Throughout this month, 5 children (that we know of) have been matched with their adoptive parents, and one family has already traveled to Haiti to meet their daughter for the 2 week bonding trip. We have also heard several reports from families who “made it out of IBESR” into the court process (the red tape can last months and even years after you are matched and meet your child until they are able to come home). For children to be able to get closer to home is beautiful. As a personal update, we found out that our paperwork (dossier) was submitted one day earlier to IBESR than we thought it was! So we are counting it as “movement” in our own journey! I am thankful for all the friends who check in on us and about our adoption. Right now, we are doing well, working on our “training”- learning and preparing our hearts and minds to be the best family we can be for a child who will have experienced a lot of loss. We don’t know if we’ll receive a referral/match 2 days from now or 2 years from now (and praying it won’t be longer). This feeling of uncertainty is hard for me to ignore, and some days I feel like we need to literally pack our bags so we will be ready, while other days I feel like it will be a miracle if this dream ever really comes true. We are putting our trust in God, and asking for His protection over our little one in Haiti, His peace over us at home, and His guidance for all the people who facilitate the process. We send our love to you all- thank you so much for your love and hugs and prayers!


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