Even Miracles Take a Little Time

Hi Friends!  It has been a while, hasn’t it?  I think after crossing the finish line on paperwork, and entering “the wait,” we needed to catch our breath.  And remember what life is like apart from appointments and copy machines.  I think I have realized that this is just a busy season in life.  And I have also realized that we will always find something to fill our time (is that true for you too?).  Thankfully, some of these busy days have been spent with extended family, exploring creative skills, and playing at the beach.

The “big news” this month is that we had to update our background checks.  In other words- no news.  We have also been slowly working toward meeting the requirements for our training.  I am part of a local group of adoptive moms and we are meeting monthly for a book club/Bible study and to pray together.  Isn’t that so cool?!  I love Gainesville.

Some friends have recently asked about our timeline, and the only answer I can give is: We have no idea.  Haiti has been improving its adoption process in order to raise the standard of ethics.  This is good news in the long term for children and families.  But in the short term, it means change.  And change takes time.  Especially in Haiti.

We are putting our trust in God’s timing.  We are praying that God will care for our child, protect her, and bring her home.  We are praying for our child’s birth family.  We are praying that families in Haiti can grow in health and love and means in order for more children to remain with their “first families.”  We are praying for God to prepare us for that first trip to meet our child when the time comes, for abundant love and strong bonds to grow between us right away, and then impossible strength to say “See you soon” when we must leave.

I can tell you this: my heart is aching.  


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