Crossing the Finish Line of the Paper Chase

Hi friends!  We are so happy to say that we have mailed in our dossier!  All the approvals, home visits, appointments, and efforts we have made in the last year to show we are ready to become an adoptive family are bundled together in paper form (along with several copies), and headed to our adoption agency’s global office.

Compiling and sending our dossier was quite the experience.  My inner nerd was loving the organizational aspect (at one point, I was asked by another customer if I was an employee of the copy center- which I will take as a compliment), and the kids enjoyed pushing buttons on the copy machines.  After a celebratory outdoor dinner (it was such beautiful weather!), we of course picked up a cookie cake.  On the way home, I imagined what our cookie cake will say when we are matched with our little one!

So… What next?  We are hoping and praying that the folks at our agency will find no problems with our paperwork, and send the dossier on to be legalized at the Haitian Consulate.  Then, our dossier will be legalized again in Haiti, and will finally be submitted to IBESR (Haitian Social Services)- and we wait to be matched with our child!

Please join us in prayer: that we become the best family for our child, that God will direct our path and provide what is necessary, and that our precious child is being lovingly cared for.  We are so grateful!

love, Natalie


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