Every Day Your Birthday

Exactly 8 months from the day we began our “adoption fast,” praying and seeking God’s direction for our family on the topic of adoption… We mailed in our Home Study and the I-600A to the US Department of Immigration.  The “I-600A” is an advance application petitioning the US Government to (someday when we are “matched”) recognize an orphan from another country as a member of our family, and allow us to bring him/her home!  Hearing back from US Immigration is also the final step in order to get in the queue with our adoption agency and begin our wait to receive a referral (match) for our child.

Here we are!!!  So excited!

Being this close to the “finish line” on the application side of things has Dan and me both daydreaming about our child…  During a recent conversation, Dan pointed out that our child may not be born yet.  Then I said, “Wouldn’t it be so cool if we knew—if we somehow had a feeling—on the day our child is born???”  We figured that might be a long-shot, and I still felt like I wanted to know exactly what we were doing on our child’s first day of life.  So we came up with a plan.  Just in case we don’t have that feeling, we are going to write down something special about each day that passes until we have our child in our arms.  We’re calling it “Every Day Your Birthday.”

To keep it simple, each evening we will write a note about that day on the family calendar we keep in the kitchen, and take that moment to pray for our child.  Then, we will always be able to look back and tell him or her—that’s what we were doing the day you were born.  That’s what we prayed for you.  And from the very moment you entered the world, you were part of our world, part of our family, in our hearts, in our plans, in our hopes, even in our kitchen.

I am really looking forward to Every Day Your Birthday.  It will be a New Year’s resolution that I hope will become a favorite family tradition.

love, Natalie

p.s. Speaking of New Year’s resolutions… get excited for RICE!  We will be revealing our year-long commitment January 1st right here (or you can simply scroll up and find the page at the top of this window).  We hope you will RICE with us!

p.p.s. If you are looking for a special way to capture your daily memories, I saw this beautiful project on one of my favorite blogs!


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